I love math and love to impart that joy onto others. If you know of any opportunities for me to do so (via teaching or otherwise) please let me know! I would love to help out. 

University of Illinois, Chicago

(2024) UIC Directed Reading Program (DRP) Advisor I advised UIC mathematics undergraduate Max Nguyen as a part of the DRP program at UIC. Max's project focused on sheaf cohomology, specifically on computations via the Čech complex.

(2022-Present) Math Circles of Chicago (MC2) Teacher I work with MC2 as a judge for their annual high school math competition QED, and as an instructor for their after school programs for middle and high school students of downtown Chicago. I also help teach their online courses from time to time, and taught at an MC2 summer school in the summer of 2023.

(2022-Present) UIC GEO Steward I serve as an intermediary between graduate students in the math department and university administration with regards to possible labor or administrative issues.

(2022-2023) 9-Month Appointment Taskforce Following contract negotiations between UIC's Graduate Employee Organization (GEO), a task force (comprising of PhD Students and Faculty at UIC) was formed to determine the feasibility of 9 month graduate TA appointments (as opposed to the status quo of term-by-term appointments). I was one of the PhD students asked to join the taskforce and work towards an equitable solution for all involved. 

(2022-2023) MGSA Secretary I was appointed by my peers to be Secretary of the Mathematics Graduate Student Association at UIC for the 2022-2023 academic year. 

University of Michigan

(Winter '20) Michigan LEMMA Math Competition I helped organize the inaugural LEMMA math competition, a competition for high school students run entirely by undergraduate students at Michigan. 

(2018-2020) Wolverine Pathways I helped teach high school students and cultivate their interest in mathematics on the weekends.

(Spring '19) MMaths Math Competition I volunteered to help with MMaths, a high school math competition that is (partially) run through the University of Michigan.