For a more detailed overview of my research (and conferences attended, talks, etc.) please see my CV (last updated 01/16/2023).

University of Illinois, Chicago

(Summer '22) University of Michigan MREG I worked with a number of other graduate students (and was mentored by Professor Rachel Webb) to investigate problems in Geometric Invariant Theory. Here is a writeup detailing our findings during the program (my primary contributions are highlighted in section 3).

University of Michigan

(Summer '19) University of Michigan REU I worked under professor Andrew Snowden to study and classify certain symmetric ideals of the infinite variable polynomial ring. We developed a geometric structure of these symmetric ideals and provided an equivalence similar to the Nullstellensatz. The (now out of date) paper can be found here, and a (slightly out of date) poster here.

(Fall '18) LoGM I worked under professor Alex Wright with a team of undergraduate and graduate researchers to build computer tools (written in C++ primarily) to aid in finding and visualizing saddle connections within triangulations on a surface. The poster can be found here.